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Terms & Conditions


It is important to Prime that this program is both FUN and REWARDING for everyone. There are three very important rules that all members must follow.

Rule #1:

In order to take advantage of the referral fee, you must add your referral to your online account BEFORE the sales process begins. Your online entry of the referral will serve as proof of date and time. Referals will be valid for 30 days after you submit them online. After 30 days they will be removed from your account if a vehicle purchase has not been made. If you send a referral through your online account after they come to one of our locations, you may still qualify for a fee provided the referral mentioned your name when they came in. You will make the most money when you follow the rules and add them to your account prior to them having any contact with us.

Keep in mind that you may send a referral to any one of our locations. However, it's important to remember that a Sales Professional's success is largely based on how well his/her customer's relay information. When you are sending someone to the dealership where you purchased from, remember to send them directly to your favorite Prime Sales Professional by selecting them in the drop-down menu. This rule helps to eliminate any misunderstandings that can sometimes come from a referred client appearing at the dealership on his/her own and more than one Referral Club Member tries to claim them. In order to avoid any confusion and keep the earning experience enjoyable for all, we ask that you follow any one of the following steps to help insure a smooth referral transaction that will expedite a quick hassle free payment once your referral has taken delivery of their car.

  1. Call your Prime Sales Professional and give them the Referral's (Customer you are sending) name and telephone number. "OR"
  2. Call or email your Sales Professional and let them know that a Referral (Customer you are sending) is on the way and will ask for them specifically. "OR"
  3. Just have the Referral (Customer you are sending) ask specifically for your Sales Professional by name immediately upon arrival at the dealership. Even if your Sales Professional is out at the time, a record will be made of this and you will still receive credit once the sale is made.

When you are sending a Referral to a location you have not conducted business with, you may want to call your Sales Professional and ask them who you should send your referral to or you could select the store’s Sales Manager. Rest assured; anyone of our store representatives will take great care in handling your Referral.

Rule #2:

Referral Club Members and previous Prime customers DO NOT qualify to be Referrals (Customer you are sending). If someone has purchased a vehicle from Prime before, or if they have ever received Referral Dollars,they are not considered fair game!

Rule # 3:

In the event that your Sales Professional is not at the dealership, please instruct your Referral client to inform any of our Sales Managers, they will facilitate the reward for you.

Prime Motor Group could not find a better method of advertising than to have satisfied customers like you helping us to generate more satisfied customers. The Dollars we reward you with comes from our advertising budget and will never be added to the price of the car because we would much rather spend the money by sending it to our valued customers than to pay all the big advertising companies. Keep in mind that if you have a charitable organization you would like to donate your Referral Dollars to, just say the word and we can make it happen for you! We will be happy to sign them up to receive your generous gift!

*Note: Prime Motor Group reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this program and may cancel this program at any time without notification to its members. Prime Motor Group reserves its right to reject payment for non-compliance of the program Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your Sales Professional.

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